MedCXO focuses on providing medical practices with access to highly skilled executives CPAs with years of physician practice management experience both operationally and financially. Our goal is to help small medical practices run profitably & efficiently. The better a practice is run, the better patient outcomes it will have. Let us help you so you can spend more time with your patients and enjoy increased profits.

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The founder of MedCXO started his career working for the Head of the Accounting Department at the JM Tull School of Accounting at the University of Georgia. He was contracted by various agencies including the DEA, IRA, and the FDA to sort through, organize and detect fraud from documents that were acquired via a Grand Jury. Even as late as the mid-90s this process was still done by hand with the help of spreadsheets. John built a relational data base tool that would later become the basis for MedCXO’s Fraud detection and analysis engine over 20 years later.

Over that time John has uncovered and been involved in discovering many forms of fraud.  This includes revenue fraud in public companies, payroll fraud in private companies. While in public accounting he uncovered a fictitious vendor scheme created by a CEO,  Pay roll theft by a trusted bookkeeper. As a CFO in healthcare he became very familiar with bundling/un-bundling billing, medical necessity, and up-coding.  John is currently enrolled at Emory Law School earning his Masters in Healthcare Law. 

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Experience in Business Valuation, Marketing, Operations, and  SEO for medical practices

Our experts also have owned and managed an Inc 500 media buying and planning company. Ranking #4 in fastest growing media company in 2009. Pair that with our strong background in practice management and we know how to acquire patients, improve outcomes and increase the net promoter score.