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Exit Strategy

Scheduling / Phone Workflow

Financial Consulting Services

Review Operational Workflow

Exist strategy

Do you think your practice is ready to sell?

  • Get direct access to an experienced CPA that will provide unlimited accounting and financial advisory services in the negotiation of the sale or purchase of a podiatric medical practice.

Want to really know what your Practice is worth?

  • Podiatric Business Valuation – Prepared by a CPA to comply with the industry-leading AICPA SSVS No. 1, IVS reporting guidelines and applicable Stark laws.

Do you think Private Equity firms might be interested in your practice?

  • Find out what Private Equity firms are really looking for and if its a realistic option for your practice.

Financial Consulting Services

Experienced Industry financial professional review

  • Detailed Quarterly review of financial statement by a CPA that will provide detailed recommendation on ways to increase positive cash-flow

Review operational workflow

  • Study existing work-flow and identify constraints. provide detailed report on how to improve work-flow

Scheduling / Work flow

The Importance of the Phone:

Ok, you have done all this work to get patients to call you. Now what?
How many people call a day?
What is the average hold time for a new patient calling? Average time a patient will wait before they hang up – 48 seconds


How many people hang up before you can answer and what is the lost revenue?
What is the breakeven point for paying a scheduler – THEY MUST GET A LIVE PERSON ($160 a visit)
How many people make an appointment when they call?
What is the main reason why they do not? 25%
What is the main reason people cancel?
How many cancel every week and do you call them? 6%