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MedCXO focuses on providing medical practices with access to highly skilled executives CPAs with years of physician practice management experience both operationally and financially. Our goal is to help small medical practices run profitably & efficiently. The better a practice is run, the better patient outcomes it will have. Let us help you so you can spend more time with your patients and enjoy increased profits.

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Our Services

Our services are provided by experienced executives who understand the importance of marketing, accounting and operations. We know what a good website should look like, how many times a phone should ring, what a patient is worth, how long it should take to collect the money and what your medical practice is worth.

Free SEO webpage audit reports

Financial Stress

We analyze cash outflows for the past 12 months to identify what vendors are putting too much financial stress on your business. We can then help you either change vendors or renegotiate rates. We prefer a bid process.

employee fraud detection CPA services software

Fraud Detection

Uncover patterns, exceptions, hidden trends, and other schemes. A CPA will aggregate data from payroll, accounts payable ledgers, banking deposits and use our Fraud Analytics engine to generate a report and review with you. Click on our our employee fraud detection software to learn more.

Business Valuation

Thinking of selling your practice. Let us help you not only value it, but help advise in the negations. Our highly experienced team can advise on both the buy and sell side.

Human resources

We provide help with hiring employees, including, background checks, running ads, interviews and selection. All for a fixed fee.

Medical Practice Tax Structure help

Read about how distributions effect your tax liability and how to determine what legal entity if best for you.

Business Advisory Services

Our advisory team reviews phone scheduling processes, revenue cycle management and other operational functions.


Our team has bought and sold dozens of small and large companies. We have been on both sides of the deals for medical practices. We have increased profits for Private Equity backed healthcare companies, lectured to practice owners, and a

Employee fraud 2018 ACFE Report to the nation

Want to learn more about how employee fraud effects the cost of healthcare and the medical practice. This report will show you how much employee fraud is costing medical practice owners. Odds are if you ...
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Developed work-flow for medical practice call center

At MedCXO we know how long it should take to answer a call and we know patients don’t call back. We have helped large and small heathcare companies ensure patients have a great experience when ...
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Optimize website and reduced marketing expense

After we optimized a healthcare company’s website, we were able to but their internet marketing spend by 90%. Also, leads from organic search have a better conversion rate ...
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